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Legal protection report of personal data

About us
The mechanic’s workshop Fraccari ltd.; Eugenio Barsanti street; 16- 37139, Verona- Italy; Vat number 01805680236; is the controller responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data, guaranteeing their protection and privacy. Connected with the use of Personal data, the owner informs that:

What kind of personal data can be collected:
We collect the following data that is technically necessary for us to display our website and to ensure stability and security:
- Personal data: any information concerning the name / birth date and place ,fiscal code/ Vat number, address/legal head office, phone number, cell number, IP address.
- The use of access status / HTTP status code – - gives information about the use of the site, including collected information via cookie (Here is our report about Cookie use ).

How we collect your personal data:
The Owner collects and process your personal data in following situations:
- Registration of a contract with the Owner;
- Asking for an estimate or some other information;
- Using our website or filling in an agreement form.

Giving information about Personal Data on behalf of someone else You must be sure that the involved persons are aware of this Privacy Report. 
We kindly ask you to help us to update Your Personal Data, telling us about any changes.

Scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data
a) Getting agreements and duties resulting from the contract, including the communication related to the services ( e.g. dispatch of ordered goods).

All personal data collected by the Owner are used exclusively for the technical administration of the website, individual support, customer administration, and for the marketing and dispatch of ordered goods and newsletters, complaints and in particular only to the extent necessary.
The owner can use your Personal Data, especially Your e-mail, for giving information about the service.

The requirement for treatment: the fulfillment of contractual obligations.
The provision of Personal Data is necessary for managing the contractual obligations, if not- it will be impossible to run it.


b) Technical and accounting administration

The owner could use Your Personal Data for the fulfillment of technical and accounting obligations, concerning the contract itself.


The requirement for treatment: law obligations the owner must respect.

c) UsingtheWebsite

The owner collect Your Personal Data according to your use of it, in order to help us to continually improve our websites and make their use as easy as possible. All data are treated strictly confidential.


The requirement for treatment: legal interest of the owner.

d) Your Data are used in compliance with legal requests for fulfilling a juridical obligation, regulations, as well as protecting a right in a legal head office.

The requirement for treatment: laws that the owner must respect.

Information about and explanation of safeguards
We strive to protect your data collected by us against any kind of influence, such as accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. We implement technical measures that we adapt to the state of the art. Furthermore, all employees and other vicarious agents are obliged to maintain data secrecy.

For how long do we keep the information about you?
We keep the information about you just for a needed period, in order to complete the objectives as for the reason they were collected, or for other connected goals. If they are used for two different reasons, we keep Your Personal Data until the end of the longest purpose, not using them for the concluded one.
Your unnecessary Personal Data, or information that does not need to be conserved, are immediately destroyed in an anonymous and a safe way.
The fulfillment of contractual obligations: personal data will only be stored for a certain period of time, according to the contract execution, not more than 10 years, being used for checking documents, bills or other legal papers.
In case of disagreement: in order to defend ourselves or make demands confronting problems with clients, we can storage the Personal Data for the period needed to solve them.

Sharing Your Personal Data
Governmental or administrative orders may result in the disclosure of personal data to public authorities and government agencies to the extent of legal obligations. (I.N.P.S, Experts, Companies, Advisors). Disclosure to third parties takes only place to partner companies and service providers, as far as this is contractually mandatory for us and then only to the extent necessary.
We do Not spread Your Personal Data. Your rights
You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

- right of access to your personal data or to their copy
- right to rectification of data that we have
- right to erasure of any data that we do not need or have any legal right on it
- right to nullification of the agreement, if it was created on it
- right to data portability
- right to object to the treatment according the law
- right to restriction of the way we use your personal data, according to the regulations

Upon request, we will provide you with information as to whether and which personal data we have collected about you, in order to defend the public interest
( eg. to prevent or identify crimes) and our personal interests ( maintain our professional secret). We always strive for a current and error free data collection. If, despite our efforts to ensure that the data is accurate and up-to-date, incorrect information has been collected by us, we will correct it as soon as possible upon request.

For other information, complaints or warnings about the way of treatment You can contact directly the Owner, in written paper form or email to:

The mechanic’s workshop Fraccari ltd., Eugenio Barsanti street, 16 - 37139 Verona – Italy, Vat number 01805680236,
Verona, 25.5.18

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